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Smoke is a rising international music superstar.  The Houston native recording artist is an exceptional rapper, singer, songwriter, and actress.  She conquers many relatable  issues head on  like, social injustice, difficulties finding love, bridging the misunderstandings created by social inequality in black relationships, and navigating being a young strong woman in the industry willing to pave her own way without comprising her beliefs. Smoke is unafraid to push boundaries and set herself apart from her musical peers.


Her superior work ethic and commitment to her artistry helped her earn the honor to be featured as a teenager as the youngest artist on Rap-a-lot’s 25th Anniversary album. She was featured alongside industry veterans such as Lil Wayne, Birdman, Rick Ross, Bun B, and many more.  Smoke, who is a skilled rapper, received high praise following the release of the album. Her journey continued with the release of her first mixtape entitled, “She Ain’t Me” which received tens of  thousands of downloads and sold 7,000 copies out of her trunk.


Soon after, she became a winner at BET’s “Next Big Music Star” preliminary contest for new talent earning herself a spot as one of the finalists to compete to perform at BET's Pre-Award Show. Realizing how much she loved performing, she financed her own cross country tour hitting major cities such as, New York, New Jersey, Houston, Memphis, and Atlanta. Many of her shows were packed with tickets sold out in most cities.


In an effort to expand her sound and show a sweeter side to her music, she began promoting her second mixtape from her self-written project entitled "N.A.K.E.D.". Months later, she decided to take a huge leap and move to Los Angeles from Atlanta where she breifly stayed to collaborate with celebrated producers. Smoke packed up her car and drove herself across the country to Los Angeles with only her car and no savings. After many hardships and moving around from place to place without an address to call her home, Smoke finally found her footing and settled down in Los Angeles. Finally getting on her feet Smoke split her time between working two jobs, focusing on writing, and collaborating with Grammy winning industry professionals.


After parting ways with her then manager, Smoke decided  to scrap her project and focus on a more authentic sound that resonated with her true self.  During the pandemic, she locked herself into a studio alone, wrote, and co-produced her newest upcoming project "PINK SMOKE". She has also collaborated with platinum producers and songwriters at various major labels. Her newest EP entitled, “Pink Smoke” will bring a new sound to the industry that will embody her authentic true self as a new voice of the youth. Recently, Smoke  released her new song "Slow It Down", a bonus track off of her upcoming EP receiving over 300,000 views collectively spawning her fans to recreate many dance videos. Her new single has been celebrated by industry veterans like Romeo Miller, King Los, & Paul Wall. With a combination of dope music, fearlessness, and refusing to color inside of the lines, Smoke is ready to take the industry by storm!

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